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Welcome to Vape Hero!
Come visit our B&M store located in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. We offer the latest hardware products, and the best e-juice flavours from the most popular brands around.
At Vape Hero we strive to provide you with the best customer service and prices. Come visit us at our Seaford store location.

We have just launched our new Tierd-  Mix & Match - ONLINE ONLY PRICING
Add any Vape Hero 60ml to your cart and for every bottle you add,
EVERY bottle is cheaper!!!

2x 60ml = $29.00 = $14.50 Per Bottle.

3x 60ml = $42.00 = $14.00 Per Bottle.
4x 60ml = $54.00 = $13.50 Per Bottle.
5x 60ml = $65.00 = $13.00 Per Bottle.
6x 60ml = $75.00 = $12.50 Per Bottle.
7x 60ml = $84.00 = $12.00 Per Bottle.
8x 60ml = $92.00 = $11.50 Per Bottle.
9x 60ml = $99.00 = $11.00 Per Bottle.
10x 60ml = $99.00 = $9.90 Per Bottle.

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