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What is an E-Cig?

An E-Cig is a vaping device. It is generally made up of three parts, a battery, a Clearomizer/Tank and E-Juice.

When the battery is activated, it will provide power to the clearomizer/tank and heat up a coil that will evaporate the E-Juice. This vapour is inhaled to replicate the feeling of a traditional cigarette.



Batteries come in various sizes and designs. Simply put they power the Clearomizer/Tank, which heats the E-Juice turning it into vapour which you inhale.

With all battery specifications you will read “mAh”. This is the capacity of the battery, the higher the mAh the longer the run time between charges.


Mods are for intermediate/advanced users. Mods generally give the Vaper the ability to monitor battery voltage and to change the voltage (variable voltage). These will generally hold 18650 lithium batteries with larger capacities and can becharged via an external battery charger.

Variable voltage mods give you the ability to “turn up” the voltage of your device, in turn increase the vapour, throat hit, and increase the flavour from your E-Juice.



Clearomizers/Tanks are widely regarded as the most popular form of atomizing devices. They are easy to clean, easy to fill and give you the ability to replace the coil head. A great all-day vape system that comes in a range of capacities from 1ml to 4+mls. A Clearomizer holds the coil which heats up the E-Juice to create the vapour.



For more information please see our page on E-Juice info.